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We got an irc: check #ircforever on there and talk to our team


IRC Bouncers

Never miss a message, even when you are offline!

Code Hosting

Keep track of changes in your code with got

24/7 Support

We are always at our IRC and you can also send an email to

IRC Bots

Need a bot for your channel? We provide several!

Minetest Servers

Want to play on a Minetest server or want to have a Minetest server?
Click here


Free Bouncers

Our bouncer helps to stay connected and receive messages on IRC even when your device or IRC client is offline. It could also let you chat with users on any IRC network. It also hides your IP from others for anonymity and security.


You can request IRC bots to help protect your channel, we host eggdrop and pylink bot.

And more coming

We will be hosting more later on

Quick Request

You can simply go to port 6667, and join #ircforever:

!bnc [username] [email]

Easy to Customize

You can request custom scripts and more

24/7 Support

You can always email us at

Call to Action

Join the IRC Now and Forever!

Using KiwiIRC or your own client

About us



A man who has an insatiate inclination for the universe, time, and space, the eccentric and the eclectic.



Dutch Webdev and super creative

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