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Tired of dumb networks blocking Tor or just don't want to keep your computer on 24/7? Well we got a bouncer for ya! connect to on port 16697, join channel #banana and run !bnc [username] [email] and get a free bouncer account pre-configured with like 100 networks I think, oh by the way we use ZNC as bouncer if you're wondering but we want to change that in the future, aparently.


Want a minetest server? join us on #banana OR #minetest at port 16697 and just ask for it. We will create an account for you, then you can just ssh into our server, we got one dedicated to minetest only!

We got a site on the minetest server too with a little information here.


There is a wiki too, dunno what to say...


Miniontoby - leader

Thor and Nav|C - sysadmin

nps - helpadmin

astroanax - zncadmin

I don't know what the different labels mean, we all get doas access so I don't know... But what I do know is we are all users and we enjoy IRC!

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